Mack's Twin City Recycling
2808 North Lincoln Avenue
Urbana, IL 61802


We use over 80,000,000,000 aluminum soda cans every year. There is no

limit to the amount of times aluminum can be recycled.





Recycling Scrap Metal with Mack's

Mack’s Twin City will recycle both your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal at our Urbana location. The key to understanding the difference between the two is as simple as using a magnet – ferrous metals are magnetic and non-ferrous metals are not. All Scrap must have ballasts, capacitors, mercury switches, freon, oil and other fluids removed before we accept them. We do not take plastic, wood, glass, or building materials. All loads must be inspected before unloading. No need to sort your materials before you come, as our staff is knowledgeable and ready to do that for you. We are here to make your recycling experience quick and easy.

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